April 23, 2015


Nov. 1, 2013 

Well, here we are at the cusp of another winter season, and looking forward to what nature has in store for us weather wise. We have made a successful transition to our new location at 135 Maple St (Rt 85, corner of Maple & John St, between St Mary's CU & Napa Auto Parts) See a map here and our updated Facebook Page. The move went smoothly, and the crew are settling comfortably. As usual we continue repairing customer equipment as well as maintaining our own on site. The Mosquito Magnet repair shop has also transitioned to the new location, and we are ready provide mosquito magnet services for the next season. Our popular equipment this time of year is of course, leaf blowers with three options Hand Held, Backpack, & Walk behind wheeled blowers, as well as chippers, skid steers and Aerial Lifts. Not to mention holiday table chair and catering item rentals. 


February 7, 2013

   Here we are, on the eve of a major winter storm, with upwards of 18+" expected. We are still seeing customers coming in with snow blowers that have not been run for 2 years and expecting them to fire right up. Well do not fret. We have some products that can be helpful if the old stale gas has not done a whole lot of damage. If your machine will start, but, it does not run well or dies right out there is still hope. A product called "Mechanic In A Bottle", by following the manufacturers recommendations you may be able to avoid a trip to the repair shop. That being said if this product does not help then your snow blower will probably need to come in to our service department for diagnosis. The likely culprit is the carburetor, especially if the snow blower has been left sitting idle with the old gas in it. Carburetors can cost between $50 and $150, depending on make of the snow blower engine and the size of the engine, with the average cost of $75.00, not including labor. Installation is usually about one half hour, including diagnosis. In the future it will be necessary to protect your investment. By purchasing products such as Fuel stabilizer or the new engineered fuels TruFuel a great new product that has no ethanol in it and a high octane, a must for 2 cycle engines of today. If you have any questions about the products that we offer for your equipment please call any time. We are happy to assist you in any way we can. 

January 31, 2013

          Well, Here we are again in another winter with little snow. It doesn't mean that we are not going to get any, but who knows? The key is to be prepared, as a winter storm can hit us any time. It may be small, but, it could be a whopper. This morning when I awoke with the wind howling and the rain beating upon my windows, I found myself hoping that it was snow and not rain. However after checking my thermometer I saw to my chagrin that it was a balmy 60 degrees outside! It could have been a doozy, but, alas it is just another rainy day. So, that being said I will ask again, are we prepared for the unexpected? Is the snow blower running (well) and fueled. Did I remember to check the engine oil, prior to putting it back under the deck after that last little teaser? It is a good to create positive habits. Keeping the cars fuel tank full. A good ice scraper and a snow broom. A shovel that is easily accessible. Boots ready on a moments notice. There is still time to prepare! I was channel surfing and came across the "Doomsday Preppers". While this kind of activity may seem a bit extreme to some, it brought to mind the importance of the theme. To try to be prepared for the unexpected, on a small scale. So don't let another day pass if your snow removal equipment is not up to par. Here at Marlborough Grand Rental and Monnick Supply, we sell service and deliver snow blowers. We stock many parts if you are a Do-It-Yourselfer. Best of all, we have access to a variety of parts for many different makes and models. We have a great selection of shovels and snow removal items in the hardware store for your convenience. We also carry many ice melting products. Please take advantage of our products, and our services. We are happy to help. 

When Can I Aerate and seed my Lawn?

Fall is a great time for aerating the lawn. In fact there are 2 times when aerating is extremely beneficial, spring and fall. Seeding on the other hand could be done anytime, however, seeding in spring and again in fall is the best answer. Remember that you will need enough time before the first frost, if you are seeding, for the seed to germinate and take root. At least several weeks is your safest bet. Back to aerating. Aerating de-compacts the soil. Compaction is a natural process which will cause roots to grow shallow. The deeper the roots, the sturdier and more drought resistant your lawn will be. We are at the point where frost is almost a daily occurrence, so forget about seeding. However, you can still aerate, and don't worry about those ugly little plugs that end up all over the yard [kind of looks like all your neighborhood felines did their thing in your yard]. They will dissipate with time and re-group with your loam, so leave them alone. You don't want to remove any soil as this would defeat the purpose for the aerating in the first place. It does not hurt, in fact it can be a big help if it has rained a bit prior to aerating, it softens the ground making it easier for the aerator to core to its full capability. You will really notice the difference after a few years of faithful aerating. I like to do it twice. Well that's enough for now, hope your fall clean-up goes well, and the first snow finds you ready! If your snow-blower isn't ready to go please check out our fall specials for a Snow Blower tune-up.
Getting the most from your rental equipment, at times, can be challenging
Most important in the process is renting the right tool for the job you are tackling. Without the correct piece of equipment you will rarely get the results you are hoping for, and worse, you may experience equipment failure or personal injury. Asking a professional is key, if anyone knows, it's the professional, the guy that does it for a living. However that only works if you happen to know one or someone who knows one. Also the Internet is a great resource, with You Tube videos showing how to operate equipment. Your local rental guy can also be that guy, with a wealth of experience. The rental associate interacts with professionals and homeowners daily. He learns, not only by word of mouth, but, educates himself reading trade materials, operation manuals and many times using the equipment for his own personal projects. This is one aspect that makes your local rental center so unique. Offering solutions and great advice, for almost any job you may attempt. So, don't be afraid to ask questions, rental guys are always happy to share experiences and suggestions.