Marlborough Grand Rental Station

Rental Policies

A photo I.D. issued by the State of Massachusetts such as a drivers license or other official picture I.D., Military ID card or Massachusetts I.D. card along with proof of address and phone number are required for all rentals. Customers who do not live in our general rental area may be asked to leave a security deposit. This deposit amount will vary depending on the item being rented, and must be paid by credit card. If no card is present and the deposit is in cash, the deposit amount will be the value of the rented item. A local job site address and phone number will also be required in most cases.

All rentals must be paid in advance, exclusions are customers having an open charge account that is in good standing. Payment may be made with American Express, Master Card, Visa, or Discover. We do not accept checks for payment on rental agreements. Cash is accepted when a customer has a history with us and is in good standing. A credit card will still be required to be kept on file and updated periodically.

The rental period starts when the rented item(S) leave our store and ends when the item is returned. We realize that the items may not be used the entire time, but we charge on the basis of time out, not time used. If you reserve something for 8 am pickup it'll be due back 8 am the following day to qualify for the one day rate. If you do not arrive at the time that you reserved the item for pickup, your rental period is shorter as we book items back to back. It could be booked for someone else. Some rental items have a 4 hour rental period available. We reserve the right to limit pickup for the morning period 7-7:30 am pickup time and drop off 11-11:30 am, and the afternoon time period, pickup 12-1 pm drop off 4-5 pm. Monday thru Friday, a day is defined as any 24 hour period except on Saturday, when the daily rental is from 7 am-5 pm. Sunday Rentals are available by picking up the item Saturday between 4-5 PM depending on availability. Items picked up on Saturday for a Sunday are due back Monday between 7 & 8 AM. This rule will be strictly enforced. 

Party rental periods cover the time needed for one event. For weekend events we will allow you to pick up your rentals anytime Saturday and return anytime on Monday depending on availability. The charge for this period is based on the one day rate. If you would like to pick up the item on Friday an additional day may be charged. If your rented items are needed for multiple events, such as a series of business meetings over a period of several days for, the weekly rate would apply. For most party items, the weekly rate is equal to twice the one day rental rate.

We strive to keep our equipment in top working order at all times. However, problems sometimes can and will occur. If you have a problem or questions about the item that you've rented, please contact us right away (Within 1 hour) even if we're closed, you must leave us a message on our voicemail. Many problems can be solved over the phone. In some cases we may need to provide a replacement or substitute item. We will do everything possible to help you finish your job in a timely and efficient manner. If the item malfunctions and you do not call us within the 1 hour period no credits will be issued. 

Deposits for Equipment is 50% of the rental rate. A 48 hour notice is required to receive a deposit refund. 

Deposits for Party items such as tents, tables and chairs is 50% of the rental rate. A 2 week notice is required to receive a deposit refund on party items.

If you rent an item, and realize that you won't have the job done by the time the equipment is due back, please contact us immediately for an extension of the rental period agreement. If the equipment has been reserved for another customer, the rented item must be returned at the original due in time recorded on the rental agreement. If it's not booked, then we gladly extend the rental period for you. If an item is not returned on time, without notification, additional rental fees will be applied as well as a late charge of $25.00.

This is a fee that is added to all contracts automatically, if you wish to reject it, you must do so when you are picking up the item.

Business renters may be required to provide us with a “Certificate of Liability Insurance” with Marlborough Grand Rental Station named as additionally insured.

Damage Waiver
If you pay the damage waiver charge (DWC) as specified, subject to the limitations and exclusions below. Marlborough Grand Rental Station agrees to modify the terms of this contract and relieve you of liability for accidental damage to the rented item(s) on this contract, and for loss due to fire, collision, windstorm, upset, and riot. We exclude from this waiver, any loss or damage due to theft, burglary, misuse or abuse, theft by conversion, intentional damage, mysterious disappearance or any loss due to your failure to care for the rental item(s) as a prudent person would his own property, such as proper lubrication. In addition, a further condition of this waiver is that you must file a report to the proper law enforcement authorities and furnish us a copy. 

Customer Responsibility: 
Rented equipment is the responsibility of the customer until it is returned and accepted by Marlborough Grand Rental Station. In the case that the equipment is lost or damaged in any way, the customer will be charged the full replacement or repair cost in addition to the rental cost.

Deposit: All customers are required to leave a credit card deposit for cash rentals. Debit cards may be used for payment, Debit cards are considered cash so a major credit card will be required for security purposes. There will be an authorization for $50.00 to the credit card account, and refunded upon return of rented item(s). This deposit confirms the credit card account is open and active. If a customer has an in-store account and it is in good standing, the signers on that account may rent equipment with no deposit.

Delivery: Delivery service may be available. Rates vary according to size of equipment and delivery distance. We do not setup and take down rented items unless the customer has requested and paid for that service. Please contact us for specific delivery and or setup charges.

Rate Periods for Tools and Equipment

One day rental on Equipment:

Monday through Friday = 24 hours

Saturday Rental Options: Saturday, 7 am to 5 pm, or Saturday 4 pm until Monday 8 am. These are both one day rental charges.

A one day rental on party items during the week is 24 hours. Saturday item may be picked up anytime 8 am to 4 pm, and returned anytime on Monday morning. Some exceptions may apply.

Partial Day Rate:
This rate is a 4-hour rate, and equipment must be returned within 4 hours of contract opening or by store closing, whichever is first. There is no 4 hour over night rate. If equipment is returned late, the normal rental rate will apply, plus a late return fee of $25.00.

We reserve the right to require rental items to be returned at an earlier time than previously discussed, should the situation arise.

Week Long Rental
1-Week is equal to 7 days. 

Month Long Rental
A month is equal to 4 weeks, or 28 days.

A cleaning fee will be charged if equipment is not returned clean.(Strictly enforced)

Rental period is time out not time used.

No refunds for early returns or unused rental time.


All prices contained herein are subject to change at any time, without prior notice. 

*This is not a complete list of all rental policies. If you would like the complete rental contract
click here. If you have any questions about any policies or would like further information, please email us.