Roto-Tiller BCS 11 Hp

Roto-Tiller BCS 11Hp. Self Propelled This is a large 11 Hp. Roto-Tiller. Used to break ground for a new garden or for tilling a large area including tilling up a lawn to replant.  While other brands of tillers dig dirt, the BCS is a gardening machine. Prepare seedbeds, power compost, and cultivate with precision and ease. The BCS Tiller has unique features that enable you to not just “work” your soil, but to “build” your soil. BCS tiller tines rotate 50% faster than competitive makes. In low gear, this translates into 20 rotations of the tines per revolution of the wheel. So whether you’re converting a portion of your lawn into garden or investing in an existing garden by chopping in a cover crop of rye, the BCS is uniquely suited to incorporating organic matter into the top six to eight inches of your soil. This soil-building process, commonly referred to as power composting, is the key to a productive garden. Click Here For Operators Manual

Rental Prices

Day- $97.50 / Week- / 4 Hours- $72.50

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