Seeder Commercial

Overseeder Classen Turf overseeder Pro Hydro Drive
  •  Honda® GX270 engine
  •  Hydro-Gear® T2 transmission for smooth consistent power flow, and ease of maintenance
  •  Speeds up to 3 mph forward; reverse up to 1.5 mph.
  •  Turf tread flotation tires produce
  •  Less pressure per square inch
  •  Exceptional balance and stability on hills and straight lines.
  •  Reduces soil compaction and tire ruts.
  •  40 lb. capacity floating seed box
  •  Floating seed box follow the contours of bumpy, undulating terrain or locks in place in any of 10 depth settings for seeding on hills and slopes.
  •  Speed dial and onboard instruction chart allows you to set exact seed size for precision seeding without seed waste.
  •  Folding handle
    • Unit Width
    • 31"
    • Unit Length w/handle up/folded
    • 57"/45.75"
    • Unit Height w/handle up/folded
    • 45"/33"
    • Unit Weight
    • 300 lbs

Rental Prices

Day- $163.50 / Week- / 4 Hours- $108.50

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