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Monnick Supply Testimonials

Here's what our customers have to say about Monnick Supply:

Monnick Supply
5 out of 5 based on 38 ratings.
38 user reviews

Good customer service.

Ed S., Framingham, MA

Support local businesses

Charles C., Marlborough, MA

Good folks always helpful. Its my local.

Leslie N., Marlborough, MA

Always a great store 20 plus years I have been coming here. Now a Stihl dealer not the box store Stihl products the real ones.

Albert T, Framingham, MA

A local, helpful institution. Very knowledgeable, very helpful, repairs, sharpening, assembly, items you can't get at the box stores. Buy local from a great family. Give them your business.

Framing F, Framingham, MA

The best hardware store. If they don't have it they know who does. Now I win a $500 gift certificate to Monnick Supply. I can't say enough good things about the help.

Mark S., Framingham, MA

Helped me figure out a solution to an on going project.

Kevin F., Framingham, MA

Easy contactless propane fill!

Mark V., Marlborough, MA

Best place in town to get propane tanks filled.

Edward C., Marlborough, MA

It is so convenient to have Monnick in the neighborhood for paint supplies and miscellaneous hardware, bird seed, and gardening tools. I also get keys made here, and have never had a problem with them, the keys always worked the first time.

Mary-Anne T., Framingham, MA

Knowledgeable, helpful staff. Hand sanitizer as soon as you walk in the door.

Thom M., Marlborough, MA

Employee was really helpful. They also have PPE in stock.

Zohra A., Marlborough, MA

I bought a couple items . The service was great. And they had every safe guard in place

Daniel M., Marlborough, MA

Exceptional service, convenience and product availability. Love this local business!

Candace L., Marlborough, MA

Workers are very easy to find and very friendly

Shawn R., Framingham, MA

Very knowledgeable staff here. Recommend another store that may have been able to help with a key.

Jim L.

Monnick supply now services all makes and models of mowers and snowblowers, lawn tractors, trimmers. Bring it down to Monnick supply.

Brady B., Marlborough, MA

Had just what I needed once again. Great friendly helpful service!

Scott C.

Good selection, fair prices, and very helpful staff.

Ioannis P.

Better selection than big box home centers. Friendly customer service. Convenient location

Rare P.

Supporting small, family-owned business whenever possible is a great way to support your local economy. Monnick Supply and Rental makes it easy to support your local economy by providing a wide range of hardware and household supplies. I have shopped at Monnick for all of my hardware and rental needs since I moved to Marlborough eighteen years ago. Monnick's prices are competitive with the big-box stores but the big-box stores can't even come close to the excellent customer service that Monnick provides. Do yourself a favor and support your local economy by making Monnick Supply your go-to source for all your hardware and rental needs!

Ron M.

If you need something, they have it or will get it. Great staff!

Michael O.

From the moment that you walk in you are greeted and welcomed to the store, you will be asked what you're looking for and an associate will walk with you to find what you need. If you cannot find something specific, they will order it for you. In many cases I have found that they have many items that a Local Competitor may not have. Specialty items in many cases or discontinued items that others do not have. If you need repairs done either a Lawn Mower, a Weed Wacker, Leaf Blower, Snow Blower or just a tune up, they can do it. An Oil change or a small repair, they can do it. If you are planning an outdoors event and you need food trays with sterno burners, they have it, if you need a dance floor, they have it. If you need to rent an Auger for a stockade fence installation or maybe a power washer to wash your deck, house or patio. They have it. If you need to move and need to rent a truck. They have it. If you need Paints, Stains or Sealers, they have it. With all of the latest top of the line color matching tinting systems and an experienced staff to help you plan that Home Improvement Project. They can do it. If you are looking for that old fashioned Ma and Pa store, this is your place. I know because I have made them my first option and so should you. They are dependable and trustworthy. You will not be disappointed. Service with a smile. Give them a try and let me know how they do. I love telling people about them.

Jonathan LS.

I love the personal, warm and welcoming service at Monnick Supply. My first go to store!!!!!

Sandra F.

I want to commend Katie in the paint department for the outstanding job she did in matching an old exterior California Paint color (Barn Red) that I have been using for 40+ years and is no longer available as a factory mix. The California Paint provided formula doesn't come close to matching the factory mix. Please thank Katie for her effort on my behalf and I really appreciate her taking on the challenge.

Peter C.

Monnick supply has been good to us! They have just what we need at a reasonable price AND they carry Benjamin Moore paints (which I've recently learned through personal trial and error, are superior to Behr paint). The employees are helpful and know what they're talking about. Make confident and accurate recommendations.

Great neighborhood hardware store!

Vincent M., Framingham, MA

Wide selection, but as the other reviews mention the service can sometimes be hit or miss. You can't exactly be sure that you'll get a knowledgeable and highly experienced employee: sometimes the younger associates aren't very helpful. Still better than Home Depot!

Jordan C, Ashland, MA

One of those places you can go into and say I need a thing a ma jig for a whatcha call it and they know what you are talking about. That being said I have it 4 instead of five stars because the young kids who work the weekends don't have the same level of knowledge as the old salties who work there during the week.

Karen C., Cambridge, MA

Neighborhood hardware store, on steroids honestly. They have everything - including exactly the snowblower we needed. The dude was super helpful, and you can tell he really cares about his customers and the product he sells. Gave us a full lesson on the blower - how to use it, how to care for it and double-checked to ensure everything was tuned up before we left the store. I think we've found our new Home Depot alternative!

Jessie C., Wayland, MA

I can't believe no one's reviewed the Monnick Supply in Framingham.

I've been coming here for the past year and love it. i have a soft spot for small, local hardware stores. they have something that's been lost at your behemoth Lowe's or Home Depot. they also seem to carry a very wide variety of items, including random things like PC-11 (an epoxy i use occasionally) that for some reason the big box stores don't have. the prices are slightly higher, of course, but that's a premium i'm willing to pay for good service and knowledge.

The staff is great and very knowledgeable, with a few older cranky dudes that think it's weird when a girl with pink hair comes into the store and actually knows what she's talking about. but over all, everyone is very friendly and willing to help and offer what they know.

I have two minor complaints: they don't carry lumber, which really isn't their fault, given their small size. if they did carry lumber, i would never have any reason to venture into Home Depot or Lowe's ever again. also, the hours are a bit limiting. i'm not expecting them to stay open until 10 every night, but a few days of staying open until 7 or 8 would be very helpful.

But still, I heart Monnick for ever and ever amen.

Bethany R.

Very Nice employees.

Michael Clarke

I received the same great service as other reviewers mentioned this Saturday. My only Honda key was in two pieces. After discussing my options, Robert made me a duplicate key. He could not have been friendlier or more knowledgeable through the entire process. Will definitely be returning!

Rachael W., Upton, MA

I often struggle with selecting the right color for my home decorating projects. I recently had a small staining project in which the 'off the shelf' colors would not meet my specific needs. I worked with Katie in the paint department to come up with the right color mixture to yield the proper results. I provided her some wood samples to work with, and she mixed stain colors that would work well with the color of my tile. SHE WAS AMAZING! She was very consultative with selecting the right color and provided me with the specific application instructions, which gave me the confidence to do the work myself. I cannot give a higher recommendation for Katie and Monnick of Marlborough for customer service! I will always go to my home town hardware store! Support small business!

Hope J., Marlborough, MA

This is your ultimate neighborhood hardware store. They carry almost everything you need for most jobs, costs are reasonable, but the service and accessibility are superb. Experienced people are always available for tips on home improvements. Also a complete array of painting supplies and a rental store attached. I'm a regular over there.

Louis F., Southborough, MA

Have always loved this friendly neighborhood small business. I stopped in yesterday because my fiancé had modified my crutches with thicker padding after a recent surgery. The screws were sticking out on the ends and had gotten caught on things and scratched me a few times, so I was hoping for end caps or something to make things a bit safer/more comfortable. The owner and even a couple of employees disappeared with my crutches and came back with them a few minutes later, the ends now cut off, smooth and safe for me. They would not let me pay for this kind service and send me on my way with just a smile and a wish for a great day. I will continue to give them my business as often as possible and to send others their way! Thank you so much!

Kim S., Marlborough, MA

Such a joy to go to a real hardware store with people who know about how to do things and about what they have in the store.

Amy Bernstein

I've purchased 3 snowblowers. I've had them serviced annually for years. Andy does a great job. Excellent communication. Pick-up service available. Monnick supply is one of the last standing local hardware stores with that local neighborly feeling.

Howie Belsky

You can't beat the service at Monnick the Big Box stores any day of the week.



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